the best dog clippers

The Best Dog Clippers

The Best Dog Clippers

Today, taking your dog to the grooming salon every other week makes quite the dent in your budget. That’s why clippers have become so popular. When you decide to purchase a pair, suddenly you’re faced with another problem-there too many models in the market. Which one is the best? Well, there isn’t a best dog clipper for everybody – there’s just the right one for you and your dog. Here is a review of leading brands and products to help you make your choice.

Andis Dog Clippers

These are one of the high end brands that are even owned by most groomers. Their durability is one of their greatest advantages-use them right and they’ll practically last forever. Take their ‘Andis 22215 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper’ for instance. It comes with shatter roof housing and is compatible with both CeramicEdge and UltraEdge blades. It operates at 2700spm (Strokes per Minute), its blades are easy to detach and it’s extremely quiet. This is really nice especially you’re trimming sensitive areas that make the dog jump

Other products from Andis operate with a similar or enhanced efficiency, which has made it a well known brand. The Andis 27370, for instance, is so quiet that it’s actually soothing. This product is for all dogs-big, small, matted, straight-it can handle them all. Andis dog clippers are some of the best the market has to offer.

Oster Dog Clippers

These are literally the highest rated clippers on the web. Everyone-groomers, pet owners, dog lovers-praises them. They come light in weight and pretty powerful capable of handling even the toughest coats. The ‘Oster 78004-011 Powermax 2-Speed Clippers’ for example has two speed settings that enable it clock over 4200spm. The Oster A5 on the other hand is built for overwork and nigh indestructible.

However, the design of some Oster products such as the Oster 2 Speed dog clipper is not that aesthetic, with the noise they make. But since they’ve been in production for over 30 years and have amassed quite the following, it only goes to show how good they are.

Wahl Dog Clippers

When you look for top-notch dog clippers, Wahl’s brands will pop up all over. This is because they promise high quality and efficiency, and they deliver it.

Take the ‘Wahl 9160-210 Pet Clipper Kit’. It’s easy to use and inexpensive. But these types are for those not into precision grooming. If you’re looking for quick work basic grooming, they will do the trick.

With the ‘Wahl 9590-210 Pro-series Complete Pet Clipper Kit’, you get both a clipper and a trimmer. You can charge it for use on-the-go, or you can plug it in for instant power. That’s right-they can be used for cord or cordless operations. The Wahl dog clippers use powerful motors and self sharpening blades that will cut through any type of dog hair.

What you need for clipping dog coats largely depends on your pet and what kind of grooming you’re doing, from basic to precision grooming. Remember that a pair of high quality clippers can be quite pricy. Then again, you’ll get your money’s value in quality and safety.


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