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Taking Care of A Husky

Taking Care of A Husky

Huskies are some of the most popular dogs kept as pets especially in the Northern American regions. Initially, they were kept for the purposes of pulling sleds in snowy areas. Their strength, speed and amazing ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures makes them perfect for the job. In addition to their usefulness as work animals, huskies make awesome family pets because of their playful nature. Taking care of this energetic breed is not a light task and below are a few tips to make your life as an owner a whole lot easier.

Best shampoo for a huskie

Perfect Coat Shed Control Shampoo for Dogs

It has a nice and calm tropical mist fragrance that is non-irritating to dogs and people with allergies to strong fragrances. This shampoo also contains omega 3 oils which have soothing effects on the husky’s skin. It is also very useful when it comes to controlling shedding and is designed to minimize loss of fur by the animal by strengthening hair roots.

Nootie Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

This is a two in one dog shampoo that is perfect or dogs with flea infestations and other itching conditions. It is specially formulated to reduce itching and sooth irritated skin. The second function is complementing flea and tick medication so as to effectively get rid of the parasites.

Synergy Labs Groomer’s Blend

This is an oatmeal and protein shampoo that is great for huskies. The oatmeal is a great ingredient when it comes to soothing irritated skin and relieving itching sensations. The protein part helps to give the husky’s coat a healthy glow.

Earthbath All Natural Shampoo

This is a vanilla and almond scented shampoo. The fragrance is mild and has a calming effect on both the pet owner and the dog itself. It is non-soapy in nature meaning that it will not interfere with any parasite medication the dog might be going through.

Best toys for a huskie

Kong Stuff a Ball

Kong is one of the most popular dog toy design and manufacturing companies in the world. This toy is one of their great creations that allows the dog to release treats that are stuffed within the toy itself. This helps to keep your husky busy while at the same time feeding him or her.

Mammoth Pet Flossy Chews

These are soft fabric-based chew toys that are perfect if your huskie is not an aggressive chewer. The toy and be used in tossing and tugging games with the pet owner or other dogs. It is also a great toy because it helps floss and keep the dogs teeth clean.

Tuffy Toys

This is a multi-functional dog toy that your husky is sure to have a blast with. They can be used as Frisbees to play catch due to their shape. The have several free ends making them also good for tugging games. Finally, Tuffy toys are ideal for huskies in the winter as they are soft and warm for cuddling in the cold weather.

Nylabone dog chews

Chew toys are very important for huskies especially during the teething stage and puppies in the oral stage of development. This chew toy is a great option especially for aggressive chewers. They are also designed in such a way that you can put treats in the toy to be released when the dog chews. The nylon material makes it durable and safe for the dog to chew on with no risk of cutting or choking on pieces that chip off.

Leads for huskies

Duplex Double Dog Coupler Twin Dog Lead

This is an ideal lead for pet owners with two huskies. It is designed for walking two dogs at the same time with a lead for attaching the common leash. Each of the leads is 35.5 cm long allowing the dogs to move around freely without fighting for walking space.

Ancol Bungee Shock dog lead

This is a unique lead that is designed for huskies that just won’t settle. They are fitted with shock absorbing springs that protect you from strain if your dog is constantly pulling or dashing away unexpectedly. It is thirty seven centimeters long and can be attached to any kind of dog collar or leash that your husky is using.

Ferplast Flippy Tech Cord Dog Lead

This dog lead is great due to the fact that the cord is extendable to a length of up to 3 meters. It also has a comfortable handle which makes it easier and less strenuous to walk your husky.

No pull harness for huskies

Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

Trixie Julius-K9 Power harness

For those who are not familiar with pet owners jargon, a no pull harness is one that offers resistance when the dog tries to pull away. This gives you better control over the animal. The Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness is the very best of its kind it helps you by reducing the huskies chances of escaping your grip. It also helps the dog by eliminating chances of neck strain experienced when the person handling the dog tries to hold it back. It is great especially during dog training.

Best collars for huskies

Dogtra IQ No Bark Dog collar

Blueberry Pet New Buckle Better Basic Classic Solid Dog Collar

What do huskies eat?

Huskies are primarily carnivorous in nature. This means that a large portion of their diet should be animal proteins; mainly meat. In addition to the protein rich foods, huskies also need carbohydrates for energy and vitamins to maintain normal and healthy body function.

Some food to avoid giving huskies and other dogs in general are nuts, alcohol, onions, garlic, cooked bones and many other examples. It is also important during the weaning period in puppies to test for food allergies.

Best dog food for huskies

Honest Kitchen Force Dog food

It is an all-natural balanced diet for adult dogs. It has moderate servings of protein enough. It also contains some vegetables for vitamins and minerals.

Nature’s Logic Pet Food

It is made with 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colorings or flavors. It is gluten free and great for bulldogs with food allergies


It has unique features such as pre and probiotics that aid in digestion of food. It contains natural ingredients and is free from grains, artificial preservatives and artificial flavors.

EVO Dog Food

This is wet dog food that is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. The fact that it is wet is a great feature for the sake of the developing digestive system of the puppy and does not cause indigestion.

It goes without saying that taking care of any pet, not just huskies, is a task that should only be undertaken when the person is able and willing to commit both in terms of time and money. But given the benefits and good times you will get to enjoy with your husky it is safe to say that they are worth every single penny spent.


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