best dog food for puppies

Best Food for Puppies

Best Food for Puppies

Best Food for Puppies

Choosing the best puppy food for the adorable little furball can be a daunting task. The market’s flooded with different commercial brands and products all claiming to be the best in what you want. But don’t fret-making the right choice isn’t a hustle. All you need to know is what you’re looking for.

The Ideal Puppy Food

What is that food that your puppy needs for proper growth? Before we pick out the types, let’s go through what food we’re looking for. It’s high in natural fats and oils, meat based protein, and lower in carbohydrates. It should be formulated from an animal source that is named (non-generic), and free of these vegetable or animal by-products. It should have minimal, or completely zero, artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives. In addition, it should contain all the essential vitamins and minerals. If is meant for large breed puppies, the calcium content shouldn’t border on excessive. So, which foods are good for your pup?

Dry Complete Foods

This is just a type, and they’ve flooded malls and supermarkets. Many are based on rice, corn, or chicken. The ‘premium’ dry foods usually come with the highest quality in ingredients. They are designed for different breeds, so you’ll do good to get one specially made for your puppy’s type. Some puppies won’t be into the dry foods right away, but they’ll get the hang of it and will like it in time. Some notable brands are Acana Dog Food, Amicus Dog Food and Origen (the dry versions of the products).

Semi-mist and Tinned Puppy Foods

Just like the dry foods, these ones give you a vast array to choose from. And again, pick the food that has a digestible, nutrient rich food specially designed for your puppy’s breed. Insistence is on a food being nutritionally complete, meaning that you won’t need to add anything to it. When you find the optimal one for your puppy, stick to it. Varying the canine’s diet every other day is not recommended. Some of the brands that have made their mark in the market and created a rapport of being able to walk the talk include:

  • Abound Moist Dog Food (Tubs),
  • DaLeash Dog Food and Castor
  • Fromm Gold Nutritionals (Canned)
  • Go! Fit and Free (Canned)
  • Holistic Select Grain Free (Canned)
  • Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain (Canned)
  • Kirkland Cuts in Gravy (Canned)
  • Life’s Abundance (Canned)
  • Great Life Essentials (Canned) and Pollux Natural Ultramix (Canned).

In case you’re wondering, the difference between the fresh and dry meat ingredients is just their water content. The fresh meat comes with up to 80% water.

Renowned Brands

Getting to the top of rankings in a competitive market is hard. However, there are those dog food brands that appear all over from ratings to reviews, and have received the most attention and recommendation. These are based on customer experiences, market regulators and even vet opinions. This is more than just specific products, but brand names. When looking for food for your pup, you can check them out. They include:

  • Acana Dog Food
  • Origen Puppy Food
  • Holistic Select
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula
  • Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food
  • The Right Feeding

Not all puppies eat the precise amount of food recommended by the manufacturer. Like humans, each pup is unique. If it doesn’t it all the food in one go, you might be giving it too much. How do you know what you’re offering it is enough? If the puppy produces stool that is firm, dark brown. In addition, don’t change the diet abruptly-do it gradually. When the pup is feeding, leave it in peace. Constant disruption and taking the bowl away results in anything from anxiety to food aggression.

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