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Best Dog Breeds for Kids

dog breeds for kids

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

The kids have been all over you for years begging you for that puppy. They want nothing else. When you finally decide to get them a dog, there comes the question: which breed will do well with the kids?

There’s different factors to look at before deciding. There are those who get excited by mixed breed puppies. Some want a gentle dog that can never bite. Others want to know what the pup will transform into in a year. It may come as a surprise to you that generally all breeds are good with kids. That is as long as you treat them right, anyway. But there are those that have stood out from the crowd and are renowned for their awesome temperament with children. Here are 6 of them:


breeds for kids

They are called ‘Nature’s Nannies’ for a reason: their natural love for the kids. It’s impossible not to love these large and sweet dogs. But they do drool and shed quite a bit, and are also more suited to open spaces so keep that in mind.


beagles with children

This energetic and friendly dog is ideal for families with any number of children. Your kids will wear out long before the Beagle ever gets tired but be prepared for some high maintenance work the in likes of brushing and bathing.

The Bulldog

best breeds for children

They are loving and gentle, and will still make a great guard dog should anything go wrong. As puppies, they are full of energy, and slow down as they age. So as pups they are a great companion for children, and they will develop into calmer dogs as the kids get older. And they can live anywhere from small apartments to a house with a yard.

Bull Terrier

bull terriers and children

These intelligent dogs don’t complain a lot when rough-handled by kids. In fact, they can help in teaching children how to properly relate with dogs. On top of being energetic and friendly, they are cute and adorable, and will watch over the kids.

Bichon Frise

bichon frise kids

Whoever you may be, if you meet the Bichon, you’ll smile. They are sweet, adorable, vivacious, and, what’s more, they have a completely-zero rate of shedding. However, its fluffy white and puffy fur does require constant grooming. The Bichon is an indoor dog, but will need frequent exercise, which is also where keeping your children occupied comes in.


best breeds for kids

This Hungarian canine is quiet, loyal, gentle and affectionate. It also requires tons of exercise, which is the answer to your very energetic children. This breed doesn’t mind being indoors, and wants to learn and show off. So if you want to teach your kids how to train your dog, this breed is a good choice.

As you choose the best dog for your kids, remember that it’s really a personal decision. Your choice should depend on your family’s temperament, lifestyle, and of course your budget.

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