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What The Law Says On Dog Tags

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What The Law Says On Dog Tags UK laws surrounding dog tags are relatively straight forward and easy to understand. That said, many UK dog owners still fail to meet the demands of UK law when it comes to fitting their dogs with dog tags. Of those who do fit their dogs with tagged collars, many further fail to have ...

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The Best Dog Clippers

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The Best Dog Clippers Today, taking your dog to the grooming salon every other week makes quite the dent in your budget. That’s why clippers have become so popular. When you decide to purchase a pair, suddenly you’re faced with another problem-there too many models in the market. Which one is the best? Well, there isn’t a best dog clipper for ...

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What Is Parvo in Dogs?

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What Is Parvo in Dogs? Canine parvovirus (CPV) disease -or parvo as it’s commonly called- is currently the most common infectious disorder of dogs in the US. This viral disease is highly contagious and can cause a fatal illness to your pet. No one quite knows its origin, but it’s thought to have come from cats. The belief is that ...

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