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Best Smile Contest


Time is running out to show off your pets’ smile for a chance to win a year’s of supply PetzLife Products AND have your dog featured in our full page ad in Animal Wellness Magazine’s June/July issue!   Plus, everyone who enters receives a 20% discount code for all PetzLife Products as well as $5 off a subscription to Animal ...

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Taking Care of A Husky

best husky toys

Taking Care of A Husky Huskies are some of the most popular dogs kept as pets especially in the Northern American regions. Initially, they were kept for the purposes of pulling sleds in snowy areas. Their strength, speed and amazing ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures makes them perfect for the job. In addition to their usefulness as work animals, ...

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Has Your Dog Brought Fleas In Bed With You?

fleas in bed

Has Your Dog Brought Fleas In Bed With You? Your best furry friend is loads of fun to snuggle up with, but unfortunately he can sometimes bring home unwanted visitors with him. But is he to blame for the itchy, sleepless nights you’ve been having? It is common for bed fleas in bed to be confused with bed bugs. Both ...

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